We Are Out of Time (Part 3)

A C.L.I.M.A.T.E.C.U.R.E. and S.O.I.L RACE to Agricultural and Food Security

This is a 4-part post that you can read at your leisure.

RegenIowa is a Grassroots Collaborative Movement, and Global Coalition to design a Regenerative, Finer and New Economic Future. We feature a Strategic Doing, and Systemic approach to maximize Collaboration and results. We begin in your neighborhood, and community with the basics of: Water, Soil, Food, Farming and Health. 

A Message to Humanity Part 3.

Solving the Climate Crisis by putting Regenerative Ag. into Action by Converting Iowa’s Conventional Farmland into Regenerative Farmland with a goal of – 1 Million Acres in Iowa to be converted by 2025.

Climate Action requires Deeds not Words

First, more on the HOW of a Climate Cure and Solution?

How do we turn Deborah’s idea and Big System Change Formula, Hunter’s Blueprint for a regenerative and sustainable Finer Future, Steffen’s Imagined Future into a reality and outcomes that get applied at the local, regional, national, and global levels, and Damon’s understanding of How to Make Big Things Happen?

How do we start to focus not on big names and influencers, but on special places, and the Commons where you find ordinary women, men, and youth, that are able to become Extraordinary Collaborators, Strategic Doers, and Entrepreneurs Empowered to Develop Out-of-the-Box-Radical Solutions, connected by Radical Thinking and Technologies?

How do we get on with HOW, NOW? How do we get started in the next few days and on April 22, 2022, Earth Day-52? How do we share it with the rest of the world with Speed & Scale during the rest of this decade?

I have the HOW in my possession for my state, and some ideas on a methodology to accomplish this. But it will take the Undiscovered POWER of Collaboration between our organizations and literally hundreds and thousands of organizations working together and learning best practices and processes together, to Scale it and Speed it.

It will take us getting out of our silos.

My state of Iowa is a periphery kind of place in the Heartland of America. It is the home of “Field of Dreams” and of “Fields of Opportunity”. While it is not Heaven, it is definitely a special place when it comes to the Regeneration of Agriculture for 2022 and beyond.

It is a special place where we are literally Reinventing, and Regenerating our Soil, Water, Food, Farming, and Health – the systemic-foundations to addressing our Climate Crisis.

Earth Day 2021, a small group of Heartlanders from the states of Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri came together at DMACC (Des Moines Area Community College) in person and virtually to launch the first phase of our initiative.

4.22.2021 we announced our 99 County, 99 Community, 99 Regenerative Farm modeling system in Iowa which we plan to be implementing during this decade. We announced a number of our Regen Technologies and a Regenerative Agricultural model we are working on designed to Feed the World and Feed our Communities with clean and nutrient dense food.

Iowa has 1% of America’s population, so we are inviting 1 out of every 100 Iowans to join as a member of RegenIOWA and engage in supporting the health and well-being of our People, Places and Planet. As a member you can support and help innovate a regenerative and healthy future that begins with Agriculture, and Soil as the foundation to a healthy, and sustainable planet.

Putting Regenerative Ag. into Action by Converting Iowa’s Conventional Farmland 1-Million Acres in Iowa to be converted to Regenerative Agriculture by 2025

Given Iowa’s leadership in agriculture around the world, our goal is to transition 1 million acres of Industrial Ag. to Regenerative Ag in the next 3 years and the end of the crop year in 2025. One of the ways we expect to accomplish this with one of our AgTech products called SymSoil. The founder, Elizabeth Pearce, is a Chartered Financial Analyst, who came out of the financial and business world and saw something missing from most SOIL, and nutrient enhancement products. Over a period of about 5 years, she has created a patented and unique way to feed and reseed the Soil Web in farmland, to restore the microbiome, restoring the natural Living System in the SOIL, so plants, animals, and humans can create their own Living Systems.

With the work of Elizabeth Pearce, and thanks to the collective wisdom of Debra Frieze, Hunter, Alex, Damon, and others to be added in the future we are offering a Systems Change with Regenerative Agriculture and RegenAgriTech.

With this knowledge and New Technology from RegenAgriTech, a R.A.C.E (Regenerative – Agricultural -Communities – Engaged in systemic thinking, strategic doing, and exponential community and economic development) has begun for a New AgriCultural and Food Security Future.

You can join us locally, nationally, globally with thousands, and then millions of farmers, growers, consumers, and eaters of all size, shape and age in a “Grand Coalition and Collaboration” to pioneer and help us build models around the world for the future of farming and food.

The plan is to convert 1 million acres of conventional land management into Regenerative Ag., in Iowa by 2025. In addition to converting industrial agriculture into regenerative agriculture (RegenAg), we are simultaneously joining with local growers to build Community Food and “Safe” Water Systems to feed, hydrate, and get our communities healthy around the world.

Iowa has 26M acres, the 2nd largest agricultural state in the US. Reseeding the soil microbiome, an alternative to chemical fertilizers, in 1 million acres which is approximately 4% of Iowa farms will not only improve food security, and health in our state, but will substantially mitigate global climate change.

Reducing the CO2 contributed by industrial agricultural practice and carbon sequestration (CSQ) with the storage of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) is a great strategy for remediation of global warming that could have enormous impact on climate mitigation and our Zero Emissions goals 2030-2050 By demonstrating lower farmer costs, and significant carbon sequestration in 2022, 2023, and 2024 this program can be replicated in multiple states. With a 3-year goal of 1 million acres in Iowa that can sequesters 200 µ/grams of carbon through Regenerative Agriculture, and a healthy biology of fungi and other soil microbes, then 20 million acres in Iowa by 2030 becomes an achievable goal.

If 20 M acres of farmland sequesters 200 µ/grams of carbon (average for a regenerative farm), the entire carbon footprint for a year in the United States would be offset. (See Part 4 study)

Now imagine 69 million acres which is the combined goal of General Mills (1 million), Kellogg (1 million), Cargill (10 million), Pepsico (7 million), Walmart (30 million).

In addition to Iowa, and other states in the Heartland and Midwest, we are in discussion in the West and Southwest with Colorado, California, and Texas where we also have several special places and communities identified for building models of Regen Ag. and Human Living Systems. Special places, like Boulder/Denver/Western Slope/CO. Summit County/Marin County/CA., Austin, TX.

In Iowa we have trained our Community Colleges, and the Iowa Economic Development Authority on our HOW, and are engaged in an ambitious statewide initiative. While constrained by Covid in 2020, and 2021 we have begun selecting our first 10 counties, and communities to lead our initiative across our state.

For 2022 and beyond our Strategic Doing theme is: “Growing a Renaissance – Seeding a Revolution” in Agriculture and Climate Change.

In Colorado we have a well-organized Regenerative Business and Agricultural group we are in discussion with and exploring a state-to-state collaboration. In California we are working with SymSoil and Internationally with several new technologies to design an advanced and systemic Regenerative Farming System to “Reseed” and Balance Nature’s Biodynamic System.

This balance includes an integrated system of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Naturally, and scientifically, we need to improve the Health and Energetic Life Force of ALL three in order to address each of the critical Sectors of: 1. Water; 2. Soil; 3. Food (Plants and Animals); 4. Farming/Agriculture; and 5. Human Health.

The HOW we are applying in Iowa, and across the country and world was first written about in the book, Strategic Doing (SD). Ed Morrison is the lead author and primary designer of SD. Out of Yale he began his career in Washington D.C., on the Hill, and used his experience from the field of politics, to advance a new process and discipline for getting people to collaborate, and work together, rather than working with competing agendas.

From the 1990s, as a consultant and with an academic team at Purdue University, Ed advanced the SD process to take the lead in 21st Century Leadership and DOING versus Planning and Talking about DOING.

Strategic Doing (SD) works beyond Strategic Planning, Team and Partnership building, and reveals the Undiscovered Power of Collaboration by removing the silos, and hierarchy that normally dominates the process. SD is a process, a discipline and 10 steps, that if you follow the proven methodology, it will take you where you want to go.

In addition to communities, states and organizations engaging in this process around the world the nations of Ecuador, Kuwait and Brazil have recently engaged with SD to utilize its reframing and redevelopment process for an agile, innovative, and desired future for their countries.

The last addition to this HOLY GRAIL for Climate Resilience and Adaptability began in 2010, thanks to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. In 2010, the WBCSD completed Vision 2050, which attracted me to collaborate with them. These guys own the world and decide how business is going to get done on the planet, and most if not all of our governmental policies with their 200 + business memberships, and billion-dollar organizations.

Their membership includes some of the guys that are Green Washing and Stonewalling Climate Change for Profit. And as we know, they talk a good talk, but as we have seen from the decades of Conferences of the Parties, and COP 26, some have less than a genuine interest at addressing critical steps and business/governmental policies that need to be in place yesterday. Time to bring them into our circles, and into a Circular Economy which they endorse.

Fortunately, they want to go where we want to go.

In 2010, I proposed to then President Bjorn Stigson of WBCSD, and Robert Wood of Stanford University, a $10 million dollar initiative to turn their Vision 2050, and 4-Decade Vision, along with graphic mural they had created to help us see pictorially the steps that needed to be taken. I proposed an educational curriculum be created for P-12, and our nation’s youth and adults. They were open to my proposal then, and I believe they will be even more open to it today.

The goals they have created with their Vision 2050 for business and their members are: One World & Planet; Basic needs of all are met; True value-true costs- true profits; Enough food and biofuels through a new Green Revolution; Recovery and Regeneration; Secure and sufficient low-carbon energy; Close to zero-net energy buildings; Safe and low- carbon mobility; Not a particle of waste.

If we are correct in our assumption that we have no choice other than to reinvent the current system of business and economics on Planet Earth and that the best way to do this is with a Grassroots Global Coalition, and a Localist Living System, then in the next decade, we will all need to work within our own organizations, and communities, and with other collaborative partners in designing a Circular Business and Economy.

Their vision is our vision and is what took me back to Iowa in 2010. We are dusting off our original proposal to the WBCSD, and with two of our aligned organizations in Geneva, Switzerland, the home of the WBCSD, we will be setting up a meeting with them. Possibly as early as this summer, and begin identifying 10 of their members to participate in our grassroots local to global approach, and Holy Grail for Climate Change.

We will be asking for a minimum of a $1 Million sponsorship fee from 10 industrial sponsors of the WBCSD to lead business into a Bold and Grand Collaborative Future. The global goodwill for their brand, and support, vision, and collaboration will be huge and a wise socially responsible marketing decision.

One more alliance is with the people at Speed & Scale who have also created a Blueprint, and Action Plan for Solving our Climate Crisis Now. This group are also Big and Forward Thinkers. They just need to balance their team of Special People, with our team of Special Places, and flatten the hierarchy they appear to be developing. We will help them do this with Strategic Doing Institute and Strategic Doing Iowa. Join us in your community with our Strategic Doing Leadership of the Future approach.

We are out of time (Part 1)

For the full letter, please reach out to Merlin Yockstick MerlinatBluePlanet @ gmail.com

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