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Most Recent: The Burning River That Started a Movement

Composting and BiomimicryWe Are Out of Time
Part 1
Food Security & the Irish
American Experience
Video Regenerative Agriculture
Panel & Earth Day Networ
Climate Change & Your BrainWe Are Out of Time
Part 2
Agriculture’s Carbon FootprintWe Are Out of Time
Part 3
Famine, Victory Gardens
and Resiliency
We Are Out of Time
Part 4
Climate Change: Succumb to Fear
or Move Forward with Optimism?
The Second Green Revolution
Thinking about Exponential ThinkingThe Burning River That Started a Movement
Cynthia Rosenzweig: I am Not a
Pessimistic Person
Soil, Carbon, Food & Regen Ag
Is Biological Farming the
Same as Regenerative Ag?
RegenAg and Fighting
Medium: Are You Ready for the Unintended Consequences of GeoEngineering?Atlantic Magazine: Healthy Soil, Healthy People
Regenerative Agriculture Panel
& Earth Day Network
Winning at Girl’s Basketball
and Climate Change
Dust Bowl?Rewilding Iowa
CO2 Emissions and EmotionsRegen Ag in Iowa? Yes!
Medium: Soil Food Web Explained in 8 PicturesSoil Carbon Sequestration
and Soil Food
Regenerative AgricultureNew Tools for Measuring Soil
Health and Water Retention
The World’s Most Ambitious
RegenAg Goal = RegenIowa
Optimism, Climate Change
and Young Adults
Unsung Soil Heroes, the Soil Food Web
Sara Gaucher, PhD
Podcast: EAT Community Interview
Index Funds & The Future of FoodAre You Ready for the Unintended
Consequences of GeoEngineering?
Your Food Scraps & Carbon FarmingSoil Food Web – In 8 Pictures
Soil Biology & Carbon FarmingCan a Teal Department Exist
Inside a Green Corporation?
20th Century Farming vs.
Biological Farming
Healthy Soil has 7 Types of Life
From Medium: The Age of Extinction Is Here
— Some of Us Just Don’t Know It Yet

Umair Haque
From Medium: The Kids are Not OK
Julia Steinberger

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RegenIowa restores the indigenous soil ecosystem and seeks to convert 1 million acres from conventional, fertilizer based farming to biological farming by 2025, in Iowa. This is done with soil conditioning, minerals and a combination of a broad biodiversity of local fungi, protozoans, bacteria, microscopic insects and other soil life. This microbiome cycles plant nutrients which feeds plants the way nature intended. Mitigating climate change and better food are additional benefits.

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