Dust Bowl?

If you live in Texas or the Southeast, you probably think this post is about the sand storm that arrived last week from the Sahara.

Merely heavy sand here is Texas and Georgia, the storm cause skies in Southern Europe to turn orange.

If you live in the American Midwest, you probably thought this story was about the sand storm that hit South Dakota about 10 days ago.

On the other hand, if you are in Alberta Canada, you were probably thinking about the sand storm that hit the town of Olds, yesterday, or Taber recently. The weather is becoming more volatile and dangerous – increasing the need to reseed the soil microbe biome – to restore soil health, retain water and build soil structure.

If you haven’t been following recent news from India, I strongly recommend you read this article. A few sentences:

The words “Climate change” are inadequate. The way that we tell the climate change story has led to a sense of apathy and ignorance about the reality of what we face. People read the science, and think that if the temperature rises by one degree, two, three, what’s the big deal?

Who cares? That’s not even a hot day! Wrong. A better way to tell that story is something like this. On average, when the temperature rises one degree, the seasons change by a factor of ten at equatorial regions. One degree, one point five, which is where we are now — the summers are 10° to 15° Celsius (18° to 24° F ) hotter.

Two degrees? Twenty. Three degrees? Thirty. And we’re headed for 3 degrees.

The Age of Extinction is Here: We Just Don’t Realize It Yet

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RegenIowa restores the indigenous soil ecosystem and seeks to convert 1 million acres from conventional, fertilizer based farming to biological farming by 2025, in Iowa. This is done with soil conditioning, minerals and a combination of a broad biodiversity of local fungi, protozoans, bacteria, microscopic insects and other soil life. This microbiome cycles plant nutrients which feeds plants the way nature intended. Mitigating climate change and better food are additional benefits.

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