Mitigate Climate Change – for less Than the Cost of a Cup of Coffee

Carbon Credits for Row Crop Farmers

Do you ever say, “What can I do about Climate Change?” Welcome to the club! But $1, you can help to change the world and reduce greenhouse gasses. Really!

At a high level, we’d like you to help fund the methodology that will allow mainstream/conventional farmers to receive carbon credit for sequestering atmospheric carbon.

That sounds complicated, but using GitCoin, Blockchain4Ecology is raising money from you and other concerned individuals. The money will go to tying carbon measurement into actual carbon removed from the ground by soil microbes.

Yes. The same soil microbes that feed plants, increase rainfall, improve the quality of food and have the potential to displace chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Your $1 will be matched by a grant, tied to the number of people who donate, as well as the amount, to hire the experts and develop the measurement protocols (the methodology). This will allow anyone using the soil testing methodology, to earn carbon credits for either measuring and reporting the carbon or doing the farming, which was measured.

The measurement systems that exist today are based on ranching, farming multiple types of crops, and other types of holistic farming. We (SymSoil, Blockchain4Ecology and RegenIowa) are enthusiastic supporters of this type of carbon sequestration. 

However, this isn’t what most farmers are doing with their farmland. Most farming is single crop, monoculture farming … and those farmers do not currently have a financial incentive to stop using chemical fertilizers. We need to meet them, where they are, and help them rationalize changing to methods that are better for the planet. 

With just $1 dollar from each of 10,000 people, we can put a new incentive in place. Those dollars will fund the development of a methodology that will, ultimately, put dollars in the pockets of the farmers who switch from chemical to biological processes (regenerative agriculture) and sequester carbon.

What you can do:

1. Sign up for GitHub ( or sign into your existing account.

2. Verify your account ( This will increase your voting power by 150%. So this is very helpful!

1. Go to the grant link Developing commodified measures of underground carbon sequestration and biodiversity: Creating a Regen Network methodology

3. Click on your cart at the top of the page and go to checkout.

4. Select the token you’ll be donating with, and enter the amount.

a. Networks include ETH, Polygon, etc.

b. Metamask will pop up, approve your transaction.

Learn more here:

Our grant page on SymSoil :Developing commodified measures of underground carbon sequestration and biodiversity

Research by Rodale Institute, Nature Conservatory and the USDA has found soil based carbon sequestration to be extremely effective. A meta-analysis of USDA research into carbon sequestration on Regenerative Agriculture farming vs. Conventional Chemical Fertilizer farming, indicates that if 20 million acres of farmland converted to biological farming, the entire carbon footprint of the United States would be offset.

So, your $1 donation can help create the financial incentives for conventional farmers to switch and help everyone. Better food, more biodiversity in the soil, healthier living for everyone!

Published by Elizabethp

RegenIowa restores the indigenous soil ecosystem and seeks to convert 1 million acres from conventional, fertilizer based farming to biological farming by 2025, in Iowa. This is done with soil conditioning, minerals and a combination of a broad biodiversity of local fungi, protozoans, bacteria, microscopic insects and other soil life. This microbiome cycles plant nutrients which feeds plants the way nature intended. Mitigating climate change and better food are additional benefits.

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