We Are Out of Time (Part 2)

A C.L.I.M.A.T.E.C.U.R.E. and S.O.I.L RACE to Agricultural and Food Security

This is a 4-part post that you can read at your leisure.

RegenIowa is a Grassroots Collaborative Movement, and Global Coalition to design a Regenerative, Finer and New Economic Future. We feature a Strategic Doing, and Systemic approach to maximize Collaboration and results. We begin in your neighborhood, and community with the basics of: Water, Soil, Food, Farming and Health. 

A C.L.I.M.A.T.E.C.U.R.E. and S.O.I.L RACE to Agricultural and Food Security with 12 Action Strategies to address the systemic and root causes, and Solve the Climate Crisis 10 – 100X with Speed & Scale.

As the subtitle of Frieze’s and Wheatley’s book WALK OUT WALK ON suggests, it begins not
with Big Systems (governments, business sectors, foundations, VC Impact Investors, NGOs,
etc.) coming together to conference about the Crisis, and Red Alert Challenges, but local
activation, and engagement in our communities.

Frieze identifies 4 roles that are critically important in her Living Systems implementation:

  • The Trailblazer
  • The Illuminator
  • Protector of the Innovators
  • Hospice Earth Caretakers.

If you are an activist in our Climate Challenge you may already be involved in one of the four roles in Frieze’s Living System. If not, my goal is to get you and your organization in a Massive Regenerative Collaboration for what we are calling the RegenX C.L.I.M.A.T.E.C.U.R.E. and a strategic- Xponential shift toward the Restoration of Mother Earth and her Sustainability.

The RegenX C.L.I.M.A.T.E.C.U.R.E. is an acronym for 12 Action Strategies to address the systemic and root causes of our Climate Crisis, fast – 10 – 100X with Speed & Scale. While we have no choice other than to change course from the existing human-planetary system, and create one that makes the current human system obsolete, we all have a choice whether we want to stay insane by doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results, or engage in a new global leadership approach and get into Strategic Action and DOING.

Buckminster Fuller called what is before us, “Humanity’s Final Exam.” We need to pass this exam. That means we need to turn the status quo of economics, business, governance, and NGO activity as usual on its head, at every level.

To go along with Frieze’s work is the work of Hunter Lovins. Hunter and her coauthors Wallis, Wijkman and Fullerton wrote in A Finer Future, a Blueprint for a Regenerative and Sustainable world. Put the two together, A Finer Future and Deborah’s Living Systems map, and we have the start of new pathways and a new roadmap for outcomes that may pass Fuller’s suggested exam.

A Finer Future also includes an imagined future that can work for everyone, and all life by Alex Steffen. In the closing pages of the book, is presented a 100-year vision by Alex, which he originally presented at a Nature Conservancy Board Meeting in 2015. It envisions a New Mindset, a New Consciousness, and a New Narrative and Story for our future.

From Alex’s vision, We the People, and Cocreators, will be birthing a ReGenesis of Humanity with the Four Commandments of Plan BEE to restore our Earth and Regenerate our Nature and Human Nature:

  • Balancing Earth Energy
  • Balancing Earth Economics
  • Balancing Earth Ecology
  • Balancing Earth Equity.

Alex’s vision and Plan BEE are key to a Living Systems map and the Strategic Action needed for a sustainable future. They are key because an imagined, and balanced future of where “we” want to go is critical to create the ingenuity and diversity of genius, the technological advances and innovations, and the “POWER of Collaboration” needed across the planet to cause the creation of such change with Speed & Scale.

Another timely author is Damon Centola with his book CHANGE – How to Make Big Things Happen. Damon is a professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. In his Landmark Study on Change, he discovered that the key to initiating social change is to target the periphery, and not make the mistake of trying to work with highly connected influencers. This is because they are connected to a vast number of countervailing influencers – that is, people conforming to the status quo.

“Think of the Arab Spring,” he writes. “The network periphery was associated with greater propagation of activist messages and with greater turnout at protest events.” In his study he concluded that we should stop looking for special people, and focus instead on “special places.” The network periphery contains hidden assets and untapped genius, and is the place where unfamiliar innovations and new models can be built that will take hold and spread. The periphery and places that attract grassroots activism have the ability to grow support for complex contagions and allow systems change to take hold and take off.

Please note, this thinking is contrary to what we are currently doing and engaged with at the COP Conferences, and numerous other governmental, or big organization events. Also please note that in agriculture we are offering a Systems Change with Regenerative Agriculture and RegenAgriTech that is a 4 part BioTech System of: Biology-Biosphere-Bionutrient-Biocarbon Farming. With this tech, we have started a R.A.C.E to a New AgriCulture and Food Security. You can join us and a few thousand farmers pioneering the future by converting 1, Million Acres of Conventional L and Management into Regenerative, by 2025, and by helping us build thousands of local food growing systems to feed our communities and the world.

We are out of time (Part 1)

For the full letter, please reach out to Merlin Yockstick MerlinatBluePlanet @ gmail.com

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