We Are Out of Time (Part 4)

Planet Earth is Not Sustainable, and there is no Planet B. So, we must Invent, Design, and Innovate ONE. Introducing Planet B

This is a 4-part post that you can read at your leisure.

RegenIowa is a Grassroots Collaborative Movement, and Global Coalition to design a Regenerative, Finer and New Economic Future. We feature a Strategic Doing, and Systemic approach to maximize Collaboration and results. We begin in your neighborhood, and community with the basics of: Water, Soil, Food, Farming and Health. 

A Message to Humanity Part 4.

The title of the book WALK OUT WALK ON mentioned in parts 2 and part 3 by Frieze and Wheatley, is an idea and phrase they picked up in India. The subtitle, A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to live the Future Now is the essence of what the book is about.

Planet B introduces the new paradigm of the “Future Present.” Living the Future Now with real and natural Living Systems from the ground-up that follow the Biomimicry of the “Soil” that like water, gives us life, and grows life in an amazing web of Nature that we need to emulate and follow, and not try to outsmart, or try to patent synthetically.

WALK OUTS are people who bravely choose to leave behind situations, jobs, relationships, ideas and systems that no longer serve them and that restrict and confine them. They WALK ON to the ideas, and practices that enable them to discover a better life, a better world, A Finer Future.

As old systems fail, a few people WALK OUT. They walk out to experiment with new ways of thinking, DOING, and organizing that enable and empower them to find solutions to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. At first, they feel isolated and alone, limited in what they can achieve. They often don’t realize that there are other WALK OUTS.

PLANET B is for WALK OUTS and WALK ONS, who want to live a New Narrative, a New Consciousness, a New Story on Planet Earth. There are millions and perhaps billions of us located in special places that have already Walked Out and are Walking On to new versions of Living Systems in their communities. Time to connect us all, and join in a Grand Collaboration, and Coalition for a Better-Regenerative World and Finer Tech Future.

PLANET B is the Regenesis of Humanity with a New Story, Narrative, and Consciousness to live in harmony with each other and our Nature, and the Planet’s Nature.

Planet B is a New Operating System for Planet Earth that starts with Strategic Doing, Plan BEE, and with a Blueprint and Plan to Design a Regenerative and Finer Tech Future with Speed & Scale.

Blue Planet Science Group

The Vision of Planet B is to WALK ON and replace our current operating system given its failure to meet the needs of our people, and to live and work in harmony with each other, the Earth and all of Nature, which when seen from the surface of the Moon, is the size of a marble – a Blue Marble.

The Mission of Planet B is to create a Cooperative Ecology as taught by the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. We have been working with LAEO since 2016 in locating new sources of water on the planet. Thanks to their persistence, they have been able to advance the technology and can now find “Deep Seated Water” from alternative sources of uncontaminated ground water. Deep Seated Water offers a new paradigm in fresh water sources that is free of the many contaminants being found in shallow aquifers on the planet. The company operates under the name Aquaterrex and we are pleased to be in partnership with both organizations as we are collaboratively removing the issue of Water Scarcity on Planet B.

On this Blue and Water Planet there is plenty of water, food, and space for everyone to live a happy, healthy and good quality of life. The Mission of Planet B is to Restore, and Regenerate the Living Systems of our Earth for present and future generations, and to build new

“Living Systems” within our communities that integrate RoT with IoT to live in a Future/Present.

RoT is the Regeneration of Things, and IoT is of course, the Internet of Things that is taking over our lives with AI (Artificial Intelligence). So, one of the reasons we need to invent Planet B is to balance the future of IoT Tech with HI (Human Intelligence and Common Sense), and NI (Nature’s Intelligence) with RoT.  RoT (the Regeneration of Things –  Everything) is the call of our  future with new Socio-Eco-Enviro, and Polity norms starting with the Eco- Economics & Ecology.

In designing Planet B we will discover the Power of Collaboration, and strategically raise the bar for a C.L.I.M.A.T.E.C.U.R.E. with a robust reseeding of our degraded soil, and a “SOILUTION” to our Climate Crisis, due to decades of industrial agriculture and our use of chemicals to grow food.

Planet B is a plan to save Planet A, our One and ONLY Planet Earth, and create a good life and a Regenerative and Finer Tech Future for us ALL.

“Over the next generation,” according to authors Troy Vettese, and Drew Pendergrass, “humanity will confront a dystopian future of climate disaster and mass extinction. Yet the only ‘solutions’ on offer are toothless cap-and-trade-programs, catastrophic geoengineering schemes, and privatized conservation, which will do nothing to reverse the damage suffered by the biosphere,” they write in their book Half-Earth Socialism. “Indeed these mainstream approaches assume that hyper- consumerism in the Global North can continue unabated. It can’t,” they say.

With a New Story and Narrative for our future, the members and participants in Planet B will be engaged in New Conversations to address these circumstances in a systemic and regenerative manner. Please note we are not suggesting Socialism as in the U.S.S.R., but new social programs that are needed for our Democracy to evolve as the Founders of our nation intended it to.

Imagine a “SOILUTION ” to our Climate Crisis, and a New Space R.A.C.E on Planet Earth to tranisiont the way we use our land and the space on which we practice agriculture and grow food. Join us in a R.A.C.E. to transition 50 Million Acres of Regenerative Land in the U.S. and approximately half the agricultural land in our nation and 50 states.

A Massive Transformative Purpose to Solve the Climate Crisis with Regen AG

Planet B introduces a SymSoilSolution created to Reseed Millions of Acres of Industrially Farmed Land in the World with Healthy Soil Biology that Sequesters Massive amounts of CO2 and Offsets Current Emissions by Practicing the Principles of Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture

A C.L.I.M.A.T.E.C.U.R.E. and RegenAg/SymSoil Solution 2022-2032

Approximately 90% of farms in the U.S. are conventional, with typically less than 100 ug Microbial Biomass Carbon/g of soil (MBC). However, regenerative farming increases this to at least 200 ug MBC/g soil.

An increase of 100 ug MBC/g by converting to regenerative practices would increase the total microbial carbon by 80 million metric tons, which corresponds to 293 million metric tons of CO2 – 50 times the amount of CO2 emitted per year in the U.S. Moreover, as Soil Organic Compound is 60-80% made up of the bodies of dead microbes, as long as the increase is maintained or increased, Carbon Sequestration will increase and many other MBC benefits such as decreased erosion, increased drought resistance, and decreased need for pesticides can be attained.

So, on Planet B we are getting “microbial” and “fungal” and increasing our understanding of the Living System and Web of Life beneath our feet. This beginning of the Food Web, created by Nature is what really Feeds the World and all life on our Green and Blue Planet. “When you realize there are more microorganisms in a teaspoon full of healthy soil than there are people on the planet, that really puts things in perspective,” says Gabe Brown a North Dakota farmer, and leader in the Regenerative Agricultural Movement.

Planet B to Solve Climate Crisis with Mission to M.A.R.S.2

Join us at Planet B as we begin at the very bottom of the food chain with the soil to Biomimic new Planetary Living Systems modeled from its natural Living Systems. Join our RegenSymSoilSolution as a basis for Solving the Climate Crisis. and for a new future in farming and a healthy biosphere with Reduced Carbon Emissions 2025-2030.

Wendell Berry, one of America’s well known novelists, poets, environmental activists, and farmers says “Eating is an Agricultural Act.” So, that makes farmers of us all. As farmers we need to be aware of how our food is being grown, where it is coming from, and how healthy it is? Is it really food that we are eating or just processed ingredients that taste good, given the salt, sugar and chemical additives created for merchandising purposes by Big Food Companies.

Starting with Regenerative Agriculture and our SoilSolution to our Climate Challenge and to Food Security, you can join a Regenerative and Finer Tech Future with a New Story for our Planet and with People that have WALKED OFF and WALKED ON to participate in the Future/Present with a New Humanity and Newly Imagined PLANET B.

As we are co-creating Planet B as individuals, organizations, communities, states, nation and our world we are launching the M.A.R.S.2 Mission along with the MARS NASA Missions and the 7 countries plus one business organization in the 2020s – U.S., China, United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Russia, European Union, and SpaceX.

M. Massive

A. Alliance to

R. Regenerate Planet Earth into a

S. Sustainable Environment for ALL Natural and Human Living Systems with Speed & Scale                                              

2. Humanities Mission and Plan BEE to design a Balanced Earth – Our newest Frontier at Home

Change – How to Innovate Planet B and Make Big Things Happen

For all the skeptics and doubters that may be reading this, we acknowledge that Planet B is a big Vision and Mission, and to make Big Things Happen requires some very specific knowledge and thinking, that is not ordinary, and in fact extraordinary and outside the intellectual boundaries of most people on Planet Earth. Thus, it requires a healthy mix of Common Sense, and UnCommon Intelligence.

“Most of what we know about how a Big Vision and Big ideas spread,” according to Damon Centola, as stated earlier in Part 2, “comes from bestselling authors who give us a compelling picture of a world in which “influencers,” are king, “sticky” ideas “go viral” and good behavior is “nudged” forward. The problem is, the world they describe is one in which information spreads but beliefs and behaviors stay the same.

Drawing on the work and ingenuity of our coalition collaborators, and the mountains of accessible research that include fascinating examples from the spread of the Coronavirus to the success of Black Lives Matter Movement, and the rise of political polarization, Planet B presents not just a novel and creative idea, on how to change the socio-eco-enviro-polity world of Planet Earth, without trying to change the system itself, which we concluded is not possible.

“When it comes to lasting change in what we think or the way we live,” says Centola, “the dynamics are different: beliefs and behaviors are not transmitted from person to person in the simple way a virus is. The real story of social change is more complex. When we are exposed to a new idea, our social networks guide our responses in striking and surprising ways.

Planet B is about Walking Out of an old system that is failing and not sustainable, and Walking On to a New Planet that is transforming the old with the new as we write these words. And starting with the Soil upon which our Living Systems are all created, and following its biomimicry, SUCCESS is right beneath us, a few steps away, and around the corners of our minds.

The Home of Planet B – The High 5 ABCD cities of Iowa leading the way to a Regenerative State and World

  1. Ankeny/Ames (Polk and Story Counties)
  2. Boone (Boone County)

C.      Coon Rapids

  • Des Moines and Communities of Polk County

We have found and are creating this Common Sense and UnCommon Intelligence in the Heartland of America and the Hawkeye State of Iowa. In building a model for Iowa, we are building models within 4 Counties and 5 Communities to lead our 99 County, and 99 Community statewide RegenIOWA Initiative.

If you want to explore more, please reach out to us at RegenIOWA, www.regeniowa.org or at www.regen1milacres.org and become one of our affiliates at your earliest convenience, and let’s discuss how you can get engaged?

I can be reached by phone at 319-230-2381 (CST) Merlin Yockstick, CEO EarthRegenX regenx.org Blue Planet Science Group, www.blueplanetsciencegroup.com RegenIOWA www.regeniowa.org

Planet B

Be a Regenerator and Citizen Farmer Scientist and help convert 1 Million Acres in Iowa 2022- 2025 to Regenerative Farming and start Solving the Climate Crisis NOW. Our goal is 64 M total in the U.S. with Cargill (10 M), Pepsico (7M), General Mills (1 M), Walmart (30 M) Iowa (16 M).

Contact: Jeff Buresh at BRT Ag. & Turf in Ladora, IA (319-330-9805) Merlin Yockstick at RegenIOWA (319-230-2381), or Bob Streit (515-709-0143) at Central Iowa Agronomy.

The task ahead (if we really tell the truth about it) is to transform the future of humanity and evolve the human species to a higher consciousness so, we can address the conditions that

“mankind” has created from an old narrative, and old story that keeps us separate rather than as ONE.

Planet Earth’s socio-eco-enviro-polity is not sustainable, thus we must design and innovate new norms for these local and global sectors.

The task is to reimagine, rethink, reframe, and innovate the consciousness in each of these sectors and engage in a new Leadership strategy for the People and Places of our Planet.

This Planet. In this Decade.

To do this we must abandon our rugged individualism, and organizational silos, and tap into the undiscovered “Power of DOING things “together,” and in “Collaboration” with a 10-100X Speed&Scale.

We are out of time (Part 1)

For the full letter, please reach out to Merlin Yockstick MerlinatBluePlanet @ gmail.com

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